Yo, let’s talk about legal jive

From Canadian content rules, to BDO guidelines,

We’ll break it down, and keep it cool

So you understand, it’s not just for fools

Disadvantages of a Contract for Deed

Yo, you want a crib, but can’t get a mortgage

So you’re considering a contract for deed, but wait, hold the porridge

There are legal implications to consider, my friend,

Check out the disadvantages, before you make a mend

Learn more about the disadvantages of a contract for deed

Business Purchase Confidentiality Agreement

You wanna seal the deal, but keep it under wraps

That’s when you need a confidentiality agreement, perhaps

Protect your business purchase from prying eyes

Legal protection is key, don’t listen to the lies

Get the lowdown on business purchase confidentiality agreement

BDO Rules on Maintaining Balance

You got a BDO account, keeping that cash flowing

But wait, what are the rules on maintaining balance, you’re wondering

Keep your money right, don’t let it dip too low

Understand the guidelines, so your funds continue to grow

Check out the BDO rules on maintaining balance

Understanding Canadian Content Rules

In the land up north, there are content rules to obey

For music, TV, and radio, it’s the Canadian way

So if you’re in the biz, you better know the score

Understand the Canadian content rules, and you’ll be in for more

Dig deep into the Canadian content rules

Do You Issue a 1099 for a Legal Settlement

You won a legal battle, got a settlement in the bag

Now you’re wondering, do I issue a 1099 and raise a flag?

Expert advice and information, is what you need

To navigate the legal world, and succeed

Find out if you need to issue a 1099 for a legal settlement

ASMSU Legal Services

Are you a student in need of legal assistance?

ASMSU legal services, can provide you with persistence

Experienced legal assistance for students, that’s what they do

If you need help, they’ll guide you through

Get the lowdown on ASMSU legal services

Who Pays Rita Tax in Ohio?

If you’re in Ohio, you might be wondering about Rita tax

Who pays it, who’s exempt, and who’s on the hook for the max?

Your legal guide is here, to show you the way

So you don’t get caught in a legal fray

Learn more about who pays Rita tax in Ohio

Home Health Care Independent Contractor Agreement

You’re in the home health care game, and need an agreement

An independent contractor agreement, to avoid legal resentment

Expertise is what you need, to get it done right

So you can focus on your patients, and sleep easy at night

Get the scoop on home health care independent contractor agreement

Wisconsin Dirt Bike Laws

You got a dirt bike, and wanna ride it in Wisconsin

But wait, what are the laws, so you don’t end up missin’?

Know the rules, to keep it safe and legal

So you can ride free and feel regal

Find out what you need to know about Wisconsin dirt bike laws

Understanding Contract Marriage

Some folks enter into a contract marriage, for reasons of their own

But what does it mean, and what are the legal implications, known?

Get the lowdown, on the definition and more

So you understand what you’re in for, before you walk out the door

Learn more about the meaning of contract marriage