Despite being toys, Legos inspire amazing creations. LEGO artists use the small plastic bricks to create everything from robots to architecture. Even the company’s engineers create new components that let builders to construct more complicated models. Erik Varszegi is a Master Builder at the Lego Group, Billund, Denmark. He has designed an entirely new feature to be used this year, the curving slope. It lets Lego users create more slanted designs while adhering to the company’s strict color palette. The slopes can also be used to create a more dynamic shape such as a curving staircase.

While certain Lego designs are the work of professional designers, other designs are created by the renowned Lego Ideas set-design program. The Ideas line lets anyone create a set and then have it made, offering fame and a portion of sales to designers who is able to convince 10,000 fellow designers that their idea is worthy to be made into a production. It’s not surprising that the more extravagant and impressive sets are the ones that garner the most attention particularly when they contain iconic scenes or characters from TV shows, movies or from the real world.

Two space icons are among the top Lego models of the space shuttle Discovery and Hubble Telescope. NASA shuttle Discovery and the Hubble Telescope model. Each telescope comes with a display plaque and a miniature Lego version of its creator. Other impressive models include a frame Rainbow and a Steampunk dragon, and a replica of Westminster Palace.


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