Listen up, let me drop some knowledge on you
Wanna talk legal stuff, and make it sound cool

Ever thought ‘bout redfish legal limit?
That’s the max you can catch and not end up in a legal fit

Or maybe you’re looking to reduce capital gains tax over in the UK
Trust me, it’s no joke, you wanna save every buck

But hold up, let’s talk about termination of employment contracts in Qatar
Know your rights and obligations before you start to act

And if you’re into games, then you need to learn the 17 patti game rules
‘Cause if you don’t play right, you could end up with the blues

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Don’t forget to understand WhatsApp’s terms of service agreement
‘Cause you don’t wanna get tangled in a legal engagement

So there you have it, a mix of legal and rhyme
Hope you had fun, and learned something all at the same time