Business and country farm planning is the process of planning each aspect of a farm operation in order to maximise earnings and profits. It is a difficult task that requires a range of technical, economic and human analytical and conceptual skills. The challenge is the fact that the result of an operation is contingent on conditions that cannot be predicted, and requires a certain degree of flexibility when confronted with uncertainty.

Business and farming are closely linked, and those who are successful in farming should be able to see both aspects. For instance, can plan production on the basis of market prices and climatic conditions while at the same being a competent financial manager, planning how to raise money for the company in the future and evaluating progress toward the goals set.

It is also important that the owner has sufficient income from off-farm sources to cover operating expenses and also provide a security margin against unexpected emergencies or events. There are plenty of public facilities required to accommodate customers as well as visitors (e.g. parking signage, education, and assistance for customers).

Many ranches and farms provide an educational experience to their visitors. This includes information about the production of fiber and food, land management and the background of farming. This can be a great way to attract and retain customers and is often very popular with the public. You might be able to receive funding from a government or local agency to cover the cost of education.

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